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02.23.2007 black blood leather:

for your listening enjoyment: two new(ish) dead child sets. back to back nights from november, one from newport (southgate house) and the next from louisville (headliners). throw up the horns and rock your ass off.

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09.15.2006 i don't need no ball and chain:

Hey...the practice space (in Louisville, KY) we graciously share with your black star was recently broken into and we lost a good $8-10k worth of gear, all told. your black star's list of missing equipment can be found here. beyond that, our guitarist Scott also lost the following items:

1978 Gibson RD Artist, Serial #72098131
The color looks like a dark golden/honey colored sunburst. I think Gibson's actual name for it is violin-burst.

Recent (2000?) Mexican made Fender Jazz Bass
Looks like this. One distinguishing characteristic is that it has a replacement bridge that says something like "Badass Bass" on it.

If you see any of these items turn up for sale in your area (or on the ebay), please contact captainATtransmission3000.com. Thanks.

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09.06.2006 i will live again:

sorry, sorry...a couple days late, here. rejoice, though: the dead child set is now up. blistering heavy metal from louisville ne'er-do-wells pajo, mcmahon, cook, bailey and dahm. this is their first (and to date) only show, so snatch it up while the...snatchin's good.

i'm working on the other sets form the show. hopefully they'll be up soon.

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09.01.2006 born of chaos, never die:

well, owens couldn't get to the sets before lords had to leave for tour, so i'm going to mess with them a bit and get temp copies of them up over the long weekend. keep your eyes peeled...they're scorchers.

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08.22.2006 never bet the devil your head:

as a couple of you may have noticed, the deadline i set myself for the milemarker show has lapsed. well...it's been pushed further back in the schedule. i'm sorry if that upsets you, but i'm about to make it better...

i spent saturday night recording what will be remembered as one of the best show louisville has seen in a long while. dead child (pajo, cook, bailey, mcmahon, dahm) played their first show, and they were supported by pusher, lords, and blade of the ripper. i recorded the entire thing (due to a disc fuckup, i only got half of blade of the ripper's set) and it's all been dumped to cd. it's probably one of the best quality shows i've ever recorded, so i'm pretty stoked. chris owens (of lords) has agreed to eq and master these sets, like he did with the lords set from a few weeks ago. expect them to be amazing.

and, as a special treat, here's a one track preview of the dead child set. enjoy.

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08.02.2006 goin' to chicago:

yeah...those new sets are gonna have to wait until next week, it seems. i've been bogged down with work, and i'll be in chicago this weekend (i'll be at lollapalooza on friday to see my morning jacket). in the meantime, there's still the lords and wolverine brass sets. you should definitely check them out. they're both killer.

i've set a target date of monday the 14th for the milemarker set. stay tuned.

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07.25.2006 we await your next command:

the lords set is now up. ol' owens really did a great job of eq-ing and mastering the portion of ther set that actually turned out. so here you have 4 blistering songs and a little of that witty stage banter action. enjoy.

milemarker and in tongues next week? maybe...

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dead child
louisville - 2006

dead child
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dead child
louisville - 2006

louisville - 2006

wolverine brass
louisville - 2006


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